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Street Skateboarding also called “classical” or “popsicle”, is the most common skateboard type because it is more versatile when it comes to doing tricks in the street or at the skatepark. This shape is the result of a long evolution of the sport over the years.

In the beginning, boards only had a single kicktail (only the tail of the board was raised), but with continuous search of novelty and creativity, double kicktails appeared in the year 1989. Nowadays, even if a lot of small details can make a difference on a board, the “popsicle” shape has become the reference.

This double kicktail makes “ollies” (jump) so easy that this trick became the base of almost every trick in modern skateboarding. With the nose raised, lifting the board and jumping is accessible to every beginner.

Being almost symmetrical, this shape also makes it way easier to switch your feet, which is riding “goofy” (right foot behind) when you naturally are a “regular” (left foot behind) and vice versa. It is also easier to “fakie” ride, meaning backwards, with the tail in the front. These ways of riding are fundamentals that, when mastered, make a skater more polyvalent.